Why Reinke?

There are a lot of irrigation systems out there. And even more talk about which make or model will last longer. Which is built better. In all this talk, it’s hard to know the facts.

Here are some simple facts about Reinke irrigation systems.

Let's Bring The Truth To Light About Strength

In farming strength is important, but using that strength wisely is more important. Reinke systems are built strong and light for the most efficient irrigation system.

The secret to our efficiency is our innovative design using superior, lightweight materials. Tests show Reinke’s “low alloy” steel rates higher in yield strength than standard galvanized steel.

With Reinke, you get an irrigation system that can stand up to the harshest conditions yet, tread lightly on your fields. No getting stuck in the mud. A lightweight system means less wear-and-tear on the drivetrain, reduced wheel tracking, less maintenance, and longer system life. This system is backed by the finest dealer service in the industry.

Lean And Mean

Reinke mainline pipe won’t let you down, and it won’t weigh your system down either. Yes, Reinke pipe is lighter and uses a leaner wall than competitive brands. But yield tests show our pipe is as much as 20% stronger than those same brands.
How can that be? Reinke pipe is made from the same high strength, lower weight materials used throughout our system structure. Our pipe is lean, mean, and rock-solid.

Gauged For Efficiency, Durability

It may be surprising, but sometimes heavier is better. Our heavy-gauge span cable minimizes voltage drop across the circuit and prevents damage to electrical components – extending component life and making more efficient use of energy.

Sealed For Life

Because our unique V-Ring seal is secured inside metal-to-metal flanges and protected from deteriorating elements, it should never need to be replaced. The seal is watertight without impeding flow. The metal-to-metal connection creates strength at the joint without adding weight.

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