Traveling Guns

Providing maximum portability and dispersal flexibility, traveling guns are an ideal irrigation method for multiple field locations and fields with irregular shapes.

Easy to set up and easy to use, traveling gun irrigation systems from Roberts can cover 100 acres and more with an inch of water within five days. While large acreage systems with two to four inch hoses can have a single travel path of over a quarter mile, Roberts offers systems sized for almost any field.

Features other traveling gun systems don’t offer
Traveling gun systems can be moved easily from field to field and are also ideal for covering fields with irregular shapes. They are available with either water turbine drives, which use water flowing through the system to move the gun along the travel path, or they can be powered by a small gasoline engine. The engine drive preserves higher end pressures and allows the pumping of slurry liquids.

Other features include:

  • Automatic drive shutdown
  • Retraction speed indicator
  • Speed compensator
  • PTO rewind option
  • High-clearance gun cart
  • Slow reverse gun
  • Ball bearing turntable