Center Pivot

The least labor intensive, most uniform and automatic of all the irrigation methods, center pivot irrigation covers more acres of cropland than any other method used in the Midwest. The system easily combines with global positioning systems for field location guidance and computerized automation.

Start with the loose soil in your field, then add water and you’ll find out in a hurry that the weight of your center pivot irrigation system is a major factor in its performance. That’s why Roberts sells the lightest center pivot irrigation system on the market. Up to 800 pounds lighter per span, Reinke® brand center pivot systems won’t bog down in muddy fields. That means more uniform water distribution, lower power costs, and less down time and labor.

Longer life, less down time
The Reinke systems handled by Roberts Irrigation are not only lighter, they are also stronger. In place of mild steel pipe used in other center pivot systems, Reinke systems use special low-alloy steels that are that 40% stronger per pound. In fact, to meet the requirements of your specific application, you have a choice of lightweight, high-strength center pivot pipelines:

  • Chromium-nickel steel alloy
  • Aluminum
  • Stainless steel
  • Galvanized steel
  • Poly-lined galvanized steel

A Reinke system from Roberts also includes longer lasting field components like outdoor control panels made of aluminum, rather than rust-prone steel and double wall tower boxes to prevent moisture in the electrical controls.

Even coverage
The ideal irrigation system provides flexibility in coverage patterns plus a high coefficient of uniformity in the water pattern. Roberts designs Reinke systems for virtually every field configuration and application:

  • Center pivot systems
  • Towable systems
  • Lateral move systems
  • Span angle systems
  • Corner arm systems
  • Single phase systems

Uniform water distribution patterns are achieved with a wide selection of sprinkler heads to match your soil type and other conditions.

Automated through high technology
We can also automate your center pivot system with a choice of advanced technology control options:

  • Reinke Navigator™ Global Positioning (GPS) wireless guidance control for corner systems
  • Reinke Navigator Global Positioning (GPS) control for end gun and field stop positions
  • Reinke Energy Saver Package (E.S.P.) for swing arm corner systems
  • Reinke Accu-Corner PLC computer operated corner system
  • Reinke Automated Management System (R.A.M.S.) Computer Panel Control
  • Reinke Precision Application Controller (P.A.C.) panel control
  • Reinke Telemetry Communications Systems for remote multiple system control (remotely control and monitor the real-time operation of up to 99 center pivot systems from your office PC)