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        Since 1957, Roberts Irrigation has been moving water where you need it, when you need it. For over 65 years, the Roberts family has been a pioneer in the world of agricultural irrigation and has provided consistent innovation to how growers irrigate in Wisconsin and beyond.

Roberts Irrigation has stood the test of time, witnessing firsthand how water application methods have evolved. From the days of heavy steel pipe carried by hand, giving way to lightweight aluminum pipe, then the introduction of wheel line and soft-hose traveling gun systems, to the standard center-pivot irrigation systems of today, Roberts Irrigation has been on the cutting edge of water application.  

Today our pursuit of excellence continues by utilizing industry-leading technology in every facet of what we do. Many farmers today are embracing technology as a means to improve their profitability and efficiency. We will continue to assist in this mission by being a full-service provider to our customers. We specialize in high-capacity well drilling, well rehabilitation, pump maintenance, Reinke center-pivot irrigation systems, solid-set, drip line, greenhouse irrigation, HDPE fusing, cranberry work, electrical services, as well as offering a variety of telemetry options for all your remote sensing, control, and automation needs. Our impressive portfolio covers a wide scope of projects, ranging from the small grower, to large municipal projects.

At Roberts Irrigation, we have an expert staff ready to assist you with all of your irrigation and water-related needs. We’re committed to helping you move water where you need it.



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