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The Greener Good

In the early days at Roberts Irrigation, the normal irrigation pipeline was made of steel, they were heavy, and they were carried from place to place in the field. Simple “big gun” sprinklers were used to irrigate large areas and required a tremendous amount of hand labor. Technology and high tech were not words in anybody’s vocabulary.
In the 60 plus years since the beginning of the company in 1957, we have seen both the company and the state of water application devices change dramatically. Major new advances came in the form of lightweight aluminum pipe to be carried through the field. Later less labor intensive methods of irrigation came about such as the Wheel line and soft hose traveling gun system. When we look back at the these devices from today’s perspective they don’t seem very high-tech but they saved a lot of back breaking labor carrying pipe in the field.
Today many farms truly are high-tech. Center Pivot systems communicate and are computer controlled by a variety of devices such as radio modems and even satellites. Farmers can control systems from their office or even the laptop of their farm truck.
Founder Hal Roberts started in a simple way out of the back of a station wagon. His wife Nancy was armed with an engineering degree but was known to make deliveries of pipe pulling a trailer with the family sedan. The founder’s son, Paul Roberts, currently operates the company as President.
Roberts Irrigation today operates as a company providing a wide variety of water based systems for the farm and beyond. Today we can be found operating in industrial sites installing environmental water control systems such as dust suppression to the spreading of processed water from canning plants and cities. We are still on the farm as well as providing high capacity water well drilling, all types of pumps and irrigation control systems. Our service crews are now often armed with laptop computers and are out diagnosing PLC computers and Global positioning Satellite Systems. Over the first fifty years, we have seen many changes and are looking forward to the next fifty. We have an expert staff of over thirty people today dedicated to bringing the water to where you need it, when you need it



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